Private classes / available on request

In the comfort of your on home.

Beginners Course / 8 weeks

Step by step introduction to the basics of Yoga. Learning the theory and practice of the 12 most powerful Yoga postures(Asanas), breathing exercises( pranayama) and relaxation techniques.

Intermediate Course / 8 weeks

The course will allow you to further build strength, stamina and flexibility through going deeper into the postures and trying out some variations. New Asanas will be introduced each week. This course is suitable for evreybody that has followed a beginners course and for evrybody else who is familiar with the 12 basic Asanas.

Pregnancy  Course / 4 weeks

Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way to tone your muscles, increase your stamina, improving circulation, relaxing and relieving tension through breathing for a smooth pregnancy and easy labour. An ideal way to stay in shape during pregnancy.

All level drop-in classes / weekly

These classes are suitable for all levels.


*** All classes are taught in English in pure Sivananda tradition by a certified teacher ***                         


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